State Denies Yale from Establishing Emergency Center in North Haven

As first reported by the North Haven Way, 1st Selectman Mike Freda issued the following statement regarding the proposed Yale emergency facility they’ve been working to bring to North Haven: “I received word late Friday afternoon from Yale New Haven...

/ September 27, 2011

North Haven Republican Headquarters Office Is Now Open

PRESS RELEASE SEPTEMBER 26, 2011 JEAN PIEPER CHAIRWOMAN NORTH HAVEN REPUBLICAN TOWN COMMITTEE 203-239-1248 The North Haven Republican Headquarters office is now officially open, from 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. daily. It is located at 444A Washington Avenue in the...

/ September 26, 2011

Episode 93: September 23, 2011

In this episode of North Haven News: Watch NEWS 8’s Bob Wilson’s story about the adult video and bookstore coming to town.

/ September 23, 2011

Episode 92: August 28, 2011

In this episode of North Haven News: Hurricane Irene storm damage on Garfield Ave. in North Haven. Two huge trees down on either side of this home. Fortunately, both fell right between the properties and it appears as though there’s...

/ August 28, 2011

Episode 91: August 8, 2011

In this episode of North Haven News: The race for 1st Selectman heats up with the announcement of a potential Independent candidate.

/ August 6, 2011

Episode 90: August 1, 2011

In this episode of North Haven News: The Animal Haven currently has over 100 kittens up for adoption, and they’re in need of kitten food donations as well.

/ August 1, 2011

Episode 89: July 25, 2011

In this episode of North Haven News: North Haven held their Democratic and Republican nominating conventions last week. Find out who each party nominated to run for 1st Selectman. Click here for the full slate of candidates for both parties.

/ July 25, 2011

Democrat and Republican Candidates for 2011 Town Election

Here is the full slate of candidates for the North Haven 2011 Town Election: 2011 North Haven municipal election DTC candidates: First Selectman – Walter Spader Second selectman – Alan Sturtz Town Clerk/Tax Collector – Angela Fleming Treasurer – William Gambardella Board of Assessment...

/ July 22, 2011

2011 RTC Nominating Convention

PRESS RELEASE JULY 5, 2011 JEAN PIEPER GOP TOWN CHAIRWOMAN 203-239-1248 Chairwoman Jean Pieper announced today that the North Haven Republican Town Committee would host its nominating convention on Thursday, July 21, 2011, at the Holiday Inn, 201 Washington Avenue,...

/ July 18, 2011

Episode 89: June 21, 2011

In this episode of North Haven News: Video from the public meeting held in the high school auditorium where new Superintendent Dr. Robert Cronin explained and defended his decision to cut staffing to the Special Education Department. The meeting ended...

/ June 22, 2011

Episode 88: June 13, 2011

In this episode of North Haven News: After passing a budget that was supposed to preserve current staffing levels, Superintendent Dr. Cronin says that the town’s Special Education staff will go from 35 to 26. Why did he make this...

/ June 12, 2011

Episode 87: April 11, 2011

In this episode of North Haven News: Highlights from the 1st Annual Parents vs Teachers basketball game held at North Haven High School.

/ April 11, 2011