ASAP Urgent Care Offers Sports (and Camp) Physicals, Without An Appointment

Though it seems most kids just got out of school, summer is already racing by.  While some of the back-to-school commercials already airing may seem premature (and, let’s face it, annoying), it is definitely not too early to start thinking about those sports physicals student athletes need on file with their athletic directors in mere weeks.

Most sports teams (and camps) require a Pre-Participation Physical Exam (PPE).  Often, parents find themselves rushing around at the last minute to get their kids seen in time for the beginning of the season or a last-minute camp registration.  At ASAP Urgent Care, students can get all the exams and forms they need.  Right away.  Without an appointment.

“During physical exams, we check height, weight, eyesight, heart, lungs, blood pressure, strength, flexibility, abdomen, ears, nose, and throat,” says Lawrence Earl, MD, ASAP Urgent Care chief medical officer.  “It’s best to get a physical done before the last minute, so there is time to update immunizations and follow any advice doctors may have regarding follow-up testing or visits with specialists.”

A Pre-Participation Physical Exam consists of two main parts: reviewing medical history and an actual physical exam.  Medical history informs the provider if there have been any injuries or illness in the past and helps them diagnose future problems.

Sports Physicals vs. Regular Physicals

Sports physicals are more focused than regular physicals as they examine a person’s well-being as it connects to playing a sport.  During sports physicals, doctors look to identify any conditions that could cause problems when participating in sports – e.g., hypertension, asthma, previous injuries, etc.

In addition, a sports physicals provides the opportunity for doctors and athletes to talk about training and how to avoid injuries with specific stretches and strength exercises.

At ASAP Urgent Care, PPEs are $45 for walk-in patients and $39 for those who check-in online before arriving at one of ASAP’s four facilities.

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