North Haven Residents Learn of Methadone Clinic

[box]By Michael Bellmore, Register Staff[/box]

Conversations about opiates do not usually take place in kindergarten classrooms, but on Monday nigh, First Selectman Michael J. Freda arranged such a room be used in the North Haven Recreation Center for a forum on a new methadone clinic at 352 State St.

It will be the fifth location run by the Apt Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the treatment of substance abuse. Lynn M. Madden, the president and chief executive officer of Apt, said its other clinics are in New Haven and Bridgeport.

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Posted by Chris

  1. I am outraged!!! i knew nothing about this until last night!! What is North Haven turning into… we have a large urgent care coming this year, a train station, low income apartment mixed use developement,Popeye’s , If I wanted to live in that type of city I would have just stayed in New Haven this is getting ridiculous!! whats next…. minimum security prison??
    I really Like Mike Freda but am questioning several of his latest decisions.

    Very Disappointed town Citizen!!!!!

  2. What’s outrageous is people who are narrow minded . What’s outrageuos is people putting themselves on a pedestal . What’s outrageous is a person with no heart, and is outraged because of a nonprofit organization which helps Citizens, get clean and sober. What’s outrageous is someone who thinks they are better then, anyone else in this world. Don’t condemn anyone else JUST because they Sin differently then you. Plus last time I checked, citizens , yes ,Citizens (they are people you know) turning their life around for the better wasn’t a sin at all. Not loving thy Neighbor the way you want to be treated is.

  3. Wow.. minimum security prison wow I agree with everything Elizabeth said. I myself was in a very bad situation years ago, apt had helped me through my addiction I don’t know where I would be without them. Now that they are open I bet besides more traffic around the area you don’t notice any of the “bad” things you thought would happen.

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