Public Meeting Scheduled To Address Concerns About Methadone Clinic Coming to North Haven

North Haven’s Planning & Zoning Committee has granted the APT Foundation the site on 352 State Street (at the intersection of State Street and Sackett Point Road) for one of their treatment facilities. APT is a clinic which provides methadone and buprenorphine outpatient services to their substance abuse patients.

A public meeting has been scheduled for Monday, November 5th at 6pm in the Recreation Center to give residents the opportunity to learn more about the facility, and voice any questions or concerns they may have.

Attending the meeting will be APT’s CEO, Chairman of the Board, and some staff members. First Selectman Mike Freda will also be in attendance.

Posted by Chris

  1. When did this get approved??? How close is it to Mike Freda’s house. This is insane, why would you ever invite this into our town??? I live less than a mile away, and I have 3 kids.

    Thanks Freda! You lost my vote!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Tonight at 6pm in the Rec. Center is your chance to express your opinions and/or concerns about this facility. The 1st Selectman is scheduled to be in attendance.

  3. I wonder just how many feet this actually is from Ridge Rd. School. I bet it is too close to have at this location……….who Ok’d this?? and it will jam up the intersection that is allready overburdened!…….not to mention junkies hanging out waiting for their fix at the clinic…….just what this town needs!! if this moves in……..our neighbors are movin out!!

  4. It’s my understanding that this clinic will serve some 400 North Haven residents who are already seeking treatment at a clinic in New Haven. This new location will allow them to get treatment closer to home.

  5. You are all foolish assumption making, misinformed people looking to take your anger out on people whom are seeking treatment. Methadone does not produce euphoria or get you high on a therapudic dose. I am currently enrolled at a methadone clinic and it has saved my life. You should take your anger out on the doctors who prescribed me powerful painkillers for my injury. Crime will not raise in north haven because of a methadone clinic. Have some forgiveness and compassion people. I assume most of you are catholic, christian, jewish or etc. what does your religion preach?

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