QU Receives Grant to Provide Scholarships for Underrepresented Nursing Students

Quinnipiac University announced today that it has received a $50,000 grant to be used as scholarship money for students traditionally underrepresented in nursing.

The grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) and the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) through the RWJF New Careers in Nursing Scholarship Program (NCIN) will be awarded to students in the School of Nursing’s accelerated nursing program in five $10,000 scholarships. This is the second NCIN award for Quinnipiac’s accelerated nursing program.

The RWJF and the AACN collaborated to create the program to help alleviate the nursing shortage and increase the diversity of nursing professionals. Through annual grants to schools of nursing, the program provides $10,000 scholarships to non-nursing college graduates enrolled in accelerated baccalaureate and master’s nursing programs. Fast-track programs allow individuals from other disciplines to enter the nursing profession in 12-18 months.

Since 2008, the NCIN program has distributed 2,717 scholarships to students at more than 100 unique schools of nursing. This year, funding for 400 scholarships was granted to 55 schools of nursing.

“AACN is proud to collaborate with the RWJF on this unique effort,” said AACN President Jane Kirschling. “NCIN scholars bring life experience that makes them exceptional, mature nursing candidates, and they represent the diverse, culturally-competent nursing workforce our nation needs.”

Cory Ann Boyd, associate professor of nursing and coordinator of the accelerated nursing track at Quinnipiac, agreed, “Embracing the riches that a diverse student body brings to the classroom creates the potential to deeply understand the nature of human experience. Our graduates will enter their nursing careers when the expectations to deliver culturally competent care have never been greater.”

Some of Quinnipiac’s previous New Careers in Nursing scholars have been recognized for their work. In 2012, NCIN Scholar Irene Ejianreh became a national contest winner for her essay on her beliefs about nursing. In March 2012, seven scholars presented the poster, “Using Photo-voice to Chronicle the Experiences of Underrepresented Underserved Students in an Accelerated Second-Degree BSN Program,” at the 24th annual Scientific Sessions of the Eastern Nursing Research Society.

Matthew Lukovsky, who was a RWJF News Careers in Nursing scholar at Quinnipiac during the 2011-2012 academic year, said, “As an aspiring nursing student, I dreamed of helping others. The support, guidance and experiences provided by the RWJF NCIN scholarship have proven invaluable in attaining that dream. The research and leadership opportunities afforded built upon and enhanced my nursing school experience.  I have gained relationships, both personal and professional, that are priceless to my growth as a nurse and leader.”

Jean Lange, founding dean of the School of Nursing at Quinnipiac, said, “Last year’s RWJ scholars were an exceptionally talented group of individuals. Dr. Cory Ann Boyd, author of this grant, is passionate about what she does, and to the students she mentors. I am very proud to have her among our faculty in the School of Nursing.”

In recognition of her work, Boyd was invited to serve on the planning committee for the 2012 NCIN Summit, an annual meeting designed to engage grantees from across the country to explore best practices and new approaches to strengthen their accelerated degree programs and increase the pipeline of students traditionally underrepresented in nursing.

For more information about the accelerated nursing program at Quinnipiac, please contact the Admissions Department at 203-582-8248.

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