State Denies Yale from Establishing Emergency Center in North Haven

As first reported by the North Haven Way, 1st Selectman Mike Freda issued the following statement regarding the proposed Yale emergency facility they’ve been working to bring to North Haven:

“I received word late Friday afternoon from Yale New Haven that the state has denied Yale from establishing an emergency center here in North Haven. Yale might be appealing the decision because they definitely want to come to North Haven.

In the meantime, Yale and I will now be in discussions on a “Plan B” for bringing Yale New Haven to North Haven in another format and we will continue to examine what those options are.

Once those plans and best options are finalized, I will outline what that will consist of but that may not be for a few weeks.

My goal now is to bring Yale New Haven to North Haven in a revised format.

We do not yet know the exact reasons why the State and OCHA have decided to block this initiative but I expect to find that out when the official letter of decision is sent to us.

I will be more than happy to keep you posted as this situation continues to unfold.”


I originally reported on the proposed facility last December.

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