Rachel Petree, left, Sarah McDevitt, Daveneet Randhawa, Natalie Hutchinson and Michael Droniak, students in the doctor of nursing practice program in the School of Nursing at Quinnipiac University, celebrated National Nurse Anesthetists Week, Jan. 24-30, with a cake.

The weeklong observance is part of the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists’ annual celebration of the profession and the nation’s more than 49,000 certified registered nurse anesthetists and student registered nurse anesthetists who safely and cost-effectively provide approximately 40 million anesthetics each year. Known as National Nurse Anesthetists Week, the observance helps patients, hospital administrators, health care professionals, policymakers and others become more familiar with the CRNA credential and the advanced practice registered nurses who have earned it.

The nurse anesthesia program at Quinnipiac is for registered nurses with a bachelor’s degree and a minimum of two years of critical care experience. The curriculum contains courses in advanced physiology and pathophysiology, anatomy with cadaver laboratory, advanced health assessment, advanced pharmacology, basic and advanced principles of anesthesia, physics and advanced chemistry for anesthetic practice, patient safety, ethics, professional aspects of nurse anesthesia, biostatistics, clinical scholarship, health care leadership, epidemiology and evidence-based practice.

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