HARTFORD — Connecticut’s veterans seeking to further their education will now have a better college experience through legislation cosponsored by North Haven Rep. Dave Yaccarino and signed into law Tuesday.

The bill, Special Act 15-1, would create a statewide study to evaluate and assess the veteran-student Operation Academic Support for Incoming Service Members (OASIS) service. The study would identify successful programs and units of expertise, and apply them throughout Connecticut’s public colleges.

OASIS havens on campuses throughout the state allow veteran-students to relax, find a quiet study place and meet fellow veterans. Central Connecticut State University opened the state’s first center in 2008.

“I am confident that the OASIS program will provide acute support to our veterans transitioning into civilian life and seeking a higher education,” Rep. Yaccarino said. “Our veterans have surely earned additional support, especially when they come home and are ready to go back to school. The OASIS program will also give our older veterans an opportunity to volunteer and provide support as well.”

The legislation passed the House unanimously on May 13 after the Senate approved it a month earlier.

Rep. Yaccarino, the bill’s co-sponsor and Ranking Member of the legislative Veterans’ Affairs Committee, praised passage of this bill and has cosponsored a number of bills intended to improve the lives of Connecticut’s veterans.

“Every college and university in Connecticut now has the chance to provide these additional services to our military members and veterans. This bill proves how much we appreciate the men and women who served our country – it lets them know we care about their sacrifices,” said Rep. Yaccarino.

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