Rep. Yaccarino, Sen. Fasano and AT&T Invite Local Seniors Learn New Technology

State Representative Dave Yaccarino (R-87), State Senator Len Fasano (R-34) and AT&T hosted an event on Friday, Feb. 28 to help seniors stay connected with family and friends by learning how to use cell phones and other new technologies.

The event, “Keeping Seniors Connected to Family and Friends: A fun and free discussion helping seniors use wireless phones and new technology,” will feature an interactive demonstration and discussion between AT&T wireless experts and North Haven seniors.

The hour-long event started at 10:00am at the North Haven Senior Center, located at 189 Pool Road, North Haven.

“These new technologies are exciting and they can help seniors stay connected to family and friends like never before.  But sometimes learning about a new technology can be difficult, and that’s why this event aims at helping demonstrate new technologies and answering questions about how to use them,” said State Rep. Dave Yaccarino. “This event is designed to allow seniors and their friends to learn about new technologies together. We want to help seniors use these wireless devices, because when they do, a whole new world of connections and opportunities opens up to them.  It’s really exciting for everyone.”

“This is a program AT&T has sponsored with great interest in a number of communities and I wanted to bring it to North Haven. Technology is constantly changing, but as it does it tends to also become more accessible and easier to use. This will be a fun and free event and I think those who attend will find that smart phones and other types of wireless devices can make it easier to access important information and entertainment, and to stay in touch with loved ones,” said State Sen. Len Fasano.

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