On Eve of Budget Address Senator Fasano Calls On Governor to Get Serious

On the eve of the opening day of the 2014 legislative session, State Senate Minority Leader Pro-Tempore Leonard A. Fasano (R-North Haven) harshly criticized Governor Malloy’s recent publicity tour and called on the governor to publicly outline his plan for closing the $2 billion deficit projected for FY15 and FY16.

“This has been a week of politics and public relations for Governor Malloy and his administration,” said Senator Fasano. “When the governor presents his budget adjustment to the General Assembly, I hope we will finally hear a detailed plan for putting our economy back on solid ground and closing the $2 billion deficit projected for FY15 and FY16. I am tired of watching Governor Malloy hold press conference after press conference and ignore the fiscal problem he created for our state and our taxpayers while hiding behind a political smokescreen of one-time giveaways.”

Senator Fasano called the series of press conferences leading up to the governor’s official budget address “election year pandering.” Last Thursday the governor announced a one- year tax rebate program whereby he will send $55 checks to individual income tax filers and $110 checks to joint filers if there are sufficient surplus funds come June 1st. On Friday the governor announced another $114 million in tax cuts including a plan to eliminate 50 percent of retired teachers’ pensions from the income tax. And yesterday the governor announced he will reinstate the Renters’ Rebate program for seniors; a program the governor cut severely in his first budget by closing the program to new applicants as of July 1, 2013.

“Governor Malloy is now trying to win support from the same groups he oppressed with tax hikes that increased everything from the cost of clothing and food, to gas and medicine. Now he is giving back pennies on the dollar and he wants to be celebrated for it? This behavior is disingenuous, and Connecticut residents are too smart not to see right through it.

“In addition, after first ignoring and later insulting Connecticut teachers, he is now trying to win back their support by dangling money. This is the same governor that steamrolled through his education reform agenda without even giving teachers a voice in the process. He is only changing course and slowing things down temporarily while he runs for reelection.

“It is time to stop pandering for political points with a purported surplus that only exists on paper. The first three years of the Malloy administration have been a failure. He has created a $2 billion deficit in FY15 and FY16. Tomorrow he needs to tell the people of Connecticut how he is going to fix it.”

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