Rep. Yaccarino Announces Re-Election Bid

Today, State Representative David Yaccarino publicly announced that he will seek a third term in the Connecticut General Assembly representing North Haven’s 87th Legislative District.
Yaccarino, a small business owner and former member of the US Navy Reserves, has become a voice for fiscal restraint and veterans’ concerns at the State Capitol. He said his top priority is getting Connecticut’s budget situation under control and putting people back to work. Connecticut’s unemployment rate has remained above the national average for the past year.
“Our focus in Hartford is to improve the fiscal health of our citizenry and help foster an environment where businesses can thrive and jobs can be created,” Yaccarino said. “Jobs cure a lot of our ills. To achieve this I believe that we have to reduce state spending, stop our excessive borrowing and make things a bit more predictable for the business community. We can’t continue to look to them to pay more in taxes, fees and regulations every time our state needs money. It’s a fight I hope to continue to wage in Hartford.”
Connecticut has struggled to climb out of debt and catch up to the recovery seen in neighboring states and across the country. In 2011 the majority party in Connecticut passed and the Governor signed a budget with the largest tax increase in state history; however, deficits persisted. Now the legislature is tasked with passing a new two-year budget that will address massive deficits projected in the next fiscal year.
Yaccarino, one of just 53 Republicans out of 151 State Representatives, said it is difficult to fight the tax and spend attitude in Hartford with such a power imbalance but is optimistic that change is coming.
“Everyday we have to go to Hartford with the facts and history to argue for some common sense in budgeting. It’s not easy but it’s a fight I enjoy and a view that needs to be heard. I hope to continue my work on behalf of the residents of North Haven and the people of Connecticut, and look forward to meeting with my fellow citizens over the coming months.”
Yaccarino serves on the legislature’s Energy and Technology, Public Safety and Security and Insurance and Real Estate Committees and serves as the Ranking Member on the Veterans’ Affairs Committee. The 2014 legislative session begins on February 5th.

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