Mapping My North Haven

State Representative Dave Yaccarino recently visited students in Mrs. Titus’ 6th grade art classes as they worked on a “Mapping My North Haven” art project at North Haven Middle School. Each student used art elements and mixed media techniques to communicate places of personal importance and meaning in North Haven and surrounding towns.

Students viewed an assortment of maps and artistic variations of maps before starting the planning for their own maps. Students learned how to plan and organize the content for their visual communication by brainstorming places within North Haven where they spend their time and then elaborating to support those choices through visual details as well as text. Students explored what it means to be from North Haven and their relationship to the community and how to use visual media to express their ideas.

State Representative Dave Yaccarino has arranged for two projects to represent North Haven in a display area in Hartford in the Capitol Complex for the month of November. North Haven Middle School’s Principal Philip Piazza selected the two maps to be featured in Hartford; one by Agnes Keefe and one by Griffin Symon.

Congratulations Agnes and Griffin!

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