Multifaith Community Service Group Donates Artwork to New Sandy Hook Elementary School

The Multifaith Community Service Group at Quinnipiac University recently donated a painting to the students and faculty of Sandy Hook Elementary School, where 20 students and six staff members were shot and killed on Dec. 14, 2012.  The group worked to create a painting that could be hung at Chalk Hill Middle School in Monroe, where Sandy Hook Elementary School students now attend school. Group members Yaseen Andrewsen, of North Haven, left, and Travis Moran, of Columbia, delivered it to the school on behalf of the students involved in campus spiritual life.

“It was a truly fulfilling experience to come together as a faith community to help give comfort to a wider community in Newtown,” Andrewsen said. “It helped the group who painted it remember their age of innocence and truly appreciate the beauty of childhood. We hope the painting brings happiness to the children, teachers and parents who see it.”

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