September 2020 Bulk Curbside Pickup Program

Please be advised that the bi-annual Bulk Pick-up Program takes place the last two full weeks September on your scheduled collection day.

Acceptable waste items include:

  • White goods like refrigerators (State law requires that the door(s) be removed),
  • Ranges etc.
  • Upholstered items such as mattresses, sofas and chairs
  • 2 Vehicle tires (without rims)
  • Metal items

These items will be picked up at no charge to the resident and will be collected on your regular refuse day. These items must be placed at the curb by 5 a.m. Please see list of all acceptable/ unacceptable bulky items. Residents are welcome to bring acceptable bulk waste to the Transfer Station Tuesday-Saturday from 7-12:45. Transfer Station is located at the intersection of Sackett Point and Universal Dr.

  • Please note bulk pick-up does not include construction/demolition items such as sinks or toilets. For disposal of construction/demolition items please call Central CT Recycle and Transfer (203)272-4039.
  • If you need to dispose of a TV, please bring it to the recycling center for electronic recycling. TVs will not be picked up curbside.
  • Please note that wooden furniture items are not bulk and can be put out with your regular trash as long as the items are cut to 4 feet in length.
  • Carpet and pool covers are not bulk items and can be put out with regular trash if cut to 4 foot lengths and securely tied.
  • If you have any Hazardous Waste, please call 203-401-2712. They are open from late May through late October. Please check out their website from more information

Please call Field Operations at (203) 239-5321, ext. 410 for information for the aforementioned bulk pick-up.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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