National Work Zone Awareness Week: State Rep. Dave Yaccarino Attends UPFFA Fire Ops 101

[box]State Rep. Dave Yaccarino and President of North Haven’s Fire Department, Local 2987, Brian DeSimone at UPFFA Fire Ops 101 Training in Hartford.[/box]

The Uniformed Professional Fire Fighters Association of Connecticut (UPFFA of CT) held a Fire Ops 101 Day at the City of Hartford Fire Department Training Center on Monday, April 7th, 2014.

The purpose of Fire Ops 101 is for Connecticut Legislators to gain an understanding of the everyday life of professional, career firefighters, by utilizing a ‘hands-on” approach.

State Rep. Dave Yaccarino participated in Fire Ops 101. “I feel that attending events like these give me better insight into the mental and physical challenges our courageous firefighters face on a daily basis. It makes me a better legislator,” said Yaccarino.

Yaccarino participated in the day’s events, which included the following scenarios: structure fire, motor vehicle accident, emergency medical incident, as well as rapid intervention team work and operate alongside an Incident Commander.

Yaccarino was accompanied by a constituent who served as his “shadow,” a professionally trained firefighter that works to provide understanding into the typical day of a firefighter. Fire Ops Training 101 is carried out in a controlled environment where participants are experiencing only a fraction of what firefighters go through. Anthony DeSimone, a member of the UPFFA of CT and president of North Haven Fire Department, Local 2987, worked alongside Yaccarino through each of the scenarios.

The City of Hartford, Hartford Fire Department and Local 760; the Salvation Army Canteen Unit and numerous Connecticut cities and associated UPFFA/IAFF locals are to thank for a successful and educational day.

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