HARTFORD –State Representative Dave Yaccarino voted for a bipartisan budget that averts Gov. Malloy’s devastating education cuts to cities and towns and installs structural municipal mandate reform that will provide long-term relief sought by local leaders and the taxpayers they serve.

“No budget is perfect and even this one included some material that I was not pleased with, but it’s important to note that this budget does contain much good. This budget is a compromise that seeks to achieve the most good for the most people and moves Connecticut in a new direction. More importantly, restores most the municipal aid and education funding to North Haven that would have been drastically cut by the governor just a few months back.”

Budget highlights include:

  • Enacts the constitutional spending cap that was first approved by voters in 1992
  • Imposes a $1.9 billion cap on bonding, $500 million less than what was bonded last year
  • Restores municipal aid and education funding
  • Protects core social services
  • Supports seniors and tax cuts on retirees
  • Imposes a state employee hiring freeze
  • Requires mandatory votes on union contracts by the legislature
  • Provides municipal mandate relief and prevailing wage reform, raising the threshold from $400,000 to $1 million
  • Phases in tax reductions on pensions and social security

The budget also stopped proposals which would have raised taxes on our residents including:

  • No sales tax increase
  • No income tax increase
  • No tax on cell phones
  • No restaurant tax
  • No business tax increase
  • Does not shift teachers pensions on to municipalities
  • No tolls

The plan passed the Senate 33-3 Wednesday evening and by 126-23 in the House of Representatives on Thursday. The budget awaits action from the governor.

Rep. Yaccarino stated that constituents can feel free to contact him with any questions at [email protected].

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