HARTFORD – Rep. Dave Yaccarino (R-87) along with Republican lawmakers revealed a two-year $40 billion spending plan for Connecticut that is honest, restores critical funding and addresses immediate needs, during a press conference on Friday morning.

Blueprint for Prosperity, unlike Governor Dannel P. Malloy’s proposed budget, is balanced under the spending cap, restores vital social service programs for the neediest and reforms taxes, while instituting major government reforms to save hundreds of millions in the coming years. It does not raise taxes and properly addresses and funds mental health services.

“Our budget plan is honest and transparent, Yaccarino said. “We reinstate critical funding needed by our most vulnerable citizens and ensure that our fallen soldiers have the funeral services they deserve – without raising taxes – giving our middle class a break too.”

Highlights of the Blueprint that differ from the Governor’s budget proposal include:

  • Restoration of critical human services safety net funding for Connecticut’s most vulnerable citizens
  • $18.7 million restoration in mental health and substance abuse funding including Regional Action Councils
  • Funding restoration for libraries
  • Appropriation of an additional $15 million to help alleviate DDS wait list for services for intellectually disabled
  • Restoration of funding for Veteran’s funeral honor guard
  • Eliminates Business Entity Tax making CT more business friendly
  • A phasing out of the Income Tax on Pension Income under $100,000 for joint filers to help retirees stay in CT
  • Elimination of the proposed income tax hike on single filers beginning in income year 2017
  • Restoration of 80% of Probate Court funding

Blueprint for Prosperity benefits multiple socioeconomic interests: taxpayers, consumers, the developmentally disabled, businesses, non-profits, and municipalities. In addition to restoring drastic budget cuts, Republican lawmakers call for restoring the exemption on clothing and shoes under $50 starting June 1, 2016 and restoring a full tax freedom week.

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