Important Town Meeting Regarding the North Haven Middle School

[box]by David Mikos, North Haven Resident[/box]

Important Town Meeting

WHEN: Tuesday January 28th


TIME: 7:00pm (6:00pm guided tours of the existing Middle School)

Please make every effort to attend this extremely important meeting regarding the recommendation of the North Haven Middle School building committee to endorse “Option 4, the Hybrid Option.”

It is no secret that North Haven is in desperate need of a new Middle School and there is little time to secure state funding to assist in this project.

In addition to a new Middle School, our youth and High School sports program are also in desperate need of a turf field and track, as our grass fields continue to deteriorate, and the cost to maintain those increases annually.

As of this time, there is no definitive plan to install a turf field and track as part of the Middle School Tomorrow night there will be a “show of hands” vote to approve money to be spent by the town to take this project from a “conceptual stage” to a “design stage”. This will require the hiring of an Architectural Firm to develop plans which would become specific building (brick and mortar) design, as well as potentially a new turf field and track.

The only way a new turf field and track will become a priority within the “Middle School Building Project” is if you come to the meeting and voice your interest in the project including these very beneficial components.

Making field development issues a priority in the Middle School building project will impact nearly every High School and Youth Sports Program for many years, as well as potentially decrease hours of maintenance costs, and increase the number of hours of useable field time exponentially.

This project is one of the last great projects we will undertake for our children. It will be significantly easier to develop both a track and turf field within the scope of the Middle School Project, rather than trying to get approval for additional money at a later time.

I look forward to seeing you there and hearing what you have to say Tuesday night.

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