Vote 2013 Election Results

Preliminary results for the 2013 North Haven municipal elections from the Registrars of Voters Office:

Selectman: Michael Freda (R unopposed)

2nd Selectman: Timothy Doheny (R) wins 2nd Selectman, making Sally J. Buemi (D) 3rd Selectman

Town Clerk/Tax Collector: J Stacy Yarbrough (R unopposed)

Town Treasurer: Laurie-Jean Hannon (R unopposed)

Board of Finance: Dyann M. Vissicchio (R) and James Lianos (R) won a majority and will be joining Michael T. Hallahan (D). William C. Kohlhepp (D) also ran.

Board of Education:

  • Full Term: Anita B. Anderson (R) Brian P. Bogen (R) won a majority and will be joining Jennifer D. Cecarelli (D) on the board. Carol B. Franceschet (D), and Nicholas J. Coppola (I) also ran.
  • Four Years: Goldie Adele (R) and Matthew Kerzner (R) over Dorothy A. Logan (D) and David J. Abate (D)
  • Two Years: Randi M. Enrico-Petersen (R unopposed)

Board of Assessment of Appeals:

  • Full Term: Ralph L. Ricciardelli (R) won a majority and will be joining Norman Juniewic Sr. (D).
  • Two Years: Kathy A. Spinato-Grant (D unopposed)

Planning and Zoning Commission:

  • Full Term: Vern E. Carlson (R) won a majority and will join Theresa Ranciato-Viele (D)
  • Two Years: Ronald Penton (R) over Stephen Gifford (D)
  • Alternates: E. Richard Wilson (R) and Mary Jane Mulligan (R) won a majority and will join Edward M. Homa (D)

Zoning Board of Appeals:

  • Full Term: Robert F. Hannon (R) and Caren M. Genovese (R) won a majority and will join Josphen P. Villano (D).
  • Two Years: Joel I. Rudikoff (D unopposed)
  • Alternates to Fill Vacancy for Two Years: Michelle L. Bonora (R unopposed)

Police Commissioner: David J. Monz (R) and Larry Lazaroff (R) won a majority and will join Walter M. Spader Jr. (D)

Fire Commissioner: Pasquale F. Nuzzolillo (R) and Michael J. Zuccarelli Jr. (R) won a majority and will join Joseph A. Cappucci (D)

(Full results can be seen here.)

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