New Haven’s Hyde School Moving to North Haven

[box]by Melissa Bailey / New Haven Independent[/box]

Forced out of Long Wharf by leaky roofs, Hyde students will now have to travel seven miles up the highway, past prim suburban lawns, to attend their New Haven public high school.

The 220-student magnet high school in the New Haven public school system, formally known as Hyde School of Health Sciences and Sports Medicine, had to move this summer unexpectedly due to roof problems at its previous home, Gateway Community College’s abandoned Long Wharf campus.

Now Hyde is settling into a new home at 88 Bassett—not the Bassett Street students know in Newhallville, but Bassett Road in North Haven, site of Gateway’s North Haven campus. Gateway partially vacated the North Haven campus when it moved to a new building in downtown New Haven last fall. The college still runs an automotive program in the North Haven basement.

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