Episode 88: June 13, 2011

In this episode of North Haven News: After passing a budget that was supposed to preserve current staffing levels, Superintendent Dr. Cronin says that the town’s Special Education staff will go from 35 to 26. Why did he make this decision, and what happens to those 9 extra Special Ed. teachers?

Posted by Chris

  1. that was great!
    thanks for the information trail…..

  2. Thanks for the details. A serious concern for all parents of North Haven students!

  3. Nancy Barrett June 15, 2011 at 7:06 am

    Chris- thank you for reporting the details of this important issue to the citizens of North haven.

    The Special Ed staffing proposal is predicated upon 2 assumptions:
    1) That the special education needs of the current students are currently completely being met without utilizing every man-hour available (indicating a resource surplus).

    2) That the population of special education students in North Haven will remain the same or decrease over the next few years (this has not been the trend)

    I personally cannot even consider any staff reductions until I see documented evidence supporting these two assumptions.

    Moreover, I agree with your assertion that a proposal to make staff changes after the budget approval (that clearly stated no staff changes) seems like a classic case of “bait-and-switch”.



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