A two-week collection program for bulk items is scheduled for the weeks of April 3 and 10, according to First Selectman Michael J. Freda. Items will be collected at the curb after the regular sanitation collection has been completed. Residents can place items at the curb by 5 a.m. on their designated trash collection day.

Bulk items include large upholstered items (sofas, chairs, mattresses, box springs, love seats, sectionals and reclining chairs); appliances or “white goods” (washers, dryers, refrigerators, ranges, and dish washers) and scrap metals (curtain rods, bicycles, metal tables, metal ladders, lawn mowers, metal grills, air conditioners, etc.)

Wood items are not considered bulk. Wood items, including wooden chairs, tables, bookcases, etc., can be incinerated and therefore are picked up along with weekly curbside sanitation collection as long as wooden pieces are smaller than four feet.

For more information, call the Department of Field Operations at 203-239-5321, ext. 410.

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