State Rep. Dave Yaccarino (R-87) welcomed area business leaders to the State Capitol on Wednesday, March 25, for “Connecticut Business Day”.  Legislators from Fairfield and New Haven Counties gathered with business leaders during the annual Business Day at the Legislative Office Building. Hundreds of large and small business owners, public officials and concerned citizens filled the hearing rooms to talk about how Connecticut plans to do business in the coming years.

The legislators said their goal is to make Connecticut a top state for jobs, opportunity and a better future for everyone.  Connecticut Business Day is a free event sponsored by the Connecticut Business and Industry Association (CBIA) and the Connecticut Association Chamber of Commerce Executives.

Rep. Yaccarino sat on the panel for small businesses where he listened to their concerns and discussed with the group legislation relevant to business owners that is defining the 2015 legislative session.

“Due to our state’s fiscal situation, now more than ever we must listen to our business leaders and job creators —  use their advice to craft legislation that assists our businesses and strengthens our economy,” said Rep. Yaccarino.

Yaccarino feels that these interactions with business owners and residents helps to keep focus up in Hartford and better understand the needs of Connecticut business owners. The CBIA Day panel discussion is only a first step in an ongoing conversation helping Connecticut’s leaders identify and work to solve these companies’ challenges.

“It’s always great to have a chance to talk and listen to Connecticut business leaders and job creators – these individuals must have a seat at the table when it comes to creating good pro-business policy. I hope that Governor Malloy and the majority party will finally start listening to our job creators,” added Rep. Yaccarino. As Legislators, we have to listen to the concerns of business owners and factor that into our work here in the Capitol; these people understand what it takes to make pay roll, run a successful business and create jobs.”

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