A Closer Look At Bunny-Gate

[box]by Chris Peterson / The North Haven Way[/box]

You know it’s funny, you watch TV and every now and then a story comes along that just pulls at your heart strings. For instance last night when I was watching WTNH and saw a very sad story.

Sad right? On the surface this just is a simple plea for a young girl to keep her bunny. Her feelings are completely justified. But just like Molly Gambardella’s story, when you run to the press to cry for help, it can sometimes reveal a whole lot more.

For those of you who don’t know, the Lidsky family were told that an old ordinance says people in town aren’t allowed to have rabbits on their property if they’re not a certain size. A cease and desist order was issued last month informing the family zoning laws do not allow livestock nor rabbits on lots under two acres. And before that a citation was issued for violating the blight ordinance, not only because of an unfinished over hang, but also because of the bunny cage.

Now, here’s what WTNH didn’t tell you. All you have to do is Google, Joshua Lidsky and you start to see a history who this man is and that he simply doesn’t like to comply with town homeowner policy.

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