Fasano and Yaccarino Announce Candidacies for State Office

State Senator Len Fasano and State Representative Dave Yaccarino are ready to continue their joint effort and work to secure a better future for North Haven families. The two are officially announcing their candidacy’s for state office.

“We have worked together for the people of North Haven and will continue to do so given the honor and privilege of serving another term,” said Fasano and Yaccarino. “We both understand that it takes all of us, our families and the community working together, to make sure that North Haven has a strong voice in Hartford. The 2012 race will be about making sure North Haven continues to have that voice in Hartford.”

Yaccarino and Fasano look forward to working side by side with First Selectman Mike Freda and building upon the successes they have achieved together.

“Dave and Len have been an important asset to the Town of North Haven, especially during this difficult economic time,” said Freda. “Representing our community and working to strengthen the state’s economy, together they have established a strong record of leadership and coalition building necessary to address the challenges we face as a state and town. We need their leadership in Hartford.”

Yaccarino and Fasano highlight their record and their goals for the 2012 and 2014 term including:

  • Voting against the largest tax increase in state history which was passed by a democratic majority without one republican vote. We will continue to vote against unnecessary tax increases;
  • Fighting against nearly a billion dollars in spending by the new administration in its first year, we will continue to call for the reduction in the size of state government and fight to control state spending;
  • Aiming to help stabilize the business climate in Connecticut, we passed a new jobs bill in October 2011 which was a good first step; however the legislation didn’t go far enough to help small businesses. We will work to encourage changes to our system that will assist small businesses and provide opportunities to create jobs and grow our economy.

“The jobs bill did spread out the business entity tax over two years and expanded tax credits for businesses who hire veterans and those who are unemployed. But there are opportunities to do even more. We will look forward to expanding help for small businesses and would like to see regulations repealed. Government has gotten in the way and people can’t afford being over regulated and over taxed in this economy.”

Moving forward we plan to meet with as many residents as possible to hear your concerns and strive to make Connecticut a better place for all of us to work and raise our families.

Together we pledge to fight for the Town of North Haven and its citizens. We will always put people above politics.

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