Episode 44: August 21, 2009

In this episode of the North Haven News: The Animal Haven‘s 15th Annual Walk-A-Dog-A-Thon; JDRF’s Walk to Cure Diabtes.

Information About the Lecture at Quinnipiac University:

Registration and networking begin at 11:30am. The fee for this program, which will include lunch, is $20 for PRSA members and $25 for non-members. Students with a valid ID from a university pay $10. To register, please contact Paula Fowler at 203-582-8652 or email her.

Press Release About “Hyperlocal: News In My Back Yard”

Articles about “The Memo:”

North Haven Courier
North Haven Citizen

The text of “The Memo:”

It is addressed to Department of Public Works Employees and it is signed by Lynn Sadosky Director of Public Works dated July 1st, 2009

SUBJECT: Potential Action Against Town

Recently I contacted the Department of Finance regarding the Town’s Policy on dealing with individuals at the work place related to potential action to be taken against the Town, whether it is a lawyer, investigator, or the claimant them self and the following important information was shared with me:

Department Heads have been reminded of the following by the Finance and Administration Office.

In instances where there is a claim or threatened action against the Town the following practice must be adhered to:

Any contact of an employee at the workplace by outside party investigating a claim shall be directed immediately to the Department Head who will immediately pass it on to the Finance/Risk. There should be absolutely no interaction with the individual whether it is lawyer, investigator, or the claimant them self. This applies to General Liability, Auto Liability, Workers Compensation, etc. Any activity such as this could be viewed as insubordination and will be dealt with accordingly.

I wanted to pass on this important information to those of you who may, from time to time, be approached regarding action against the town.

As always, should you have questions regarding this correspondence, please feel free to contact me directly.

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