Oct. 10, 2007: Hello, North Haven!

Hi, and welcome to my little experiment in hyper-local broadcasting. I want to bring to you – in video format – a quick recap of the news stories that are making headlines in our town. Using the community’s local newspapers and websites for content, my hope is to package a few of the more important and interesting stories in a short, 3-5 minute video podcast. I want to present the stories that are important to the members of our community that would not normally be covered by the local television stations.

This may be a monthly thing? This may be a weekly thing? Like I said, it’s an experiment…, I’ll just have to see how things go. I’m open to suggestions, so feel free to leave a comment.

Oh…, and if you know someone who wants to host this thing – have them drop me a line. 🙂

Posted by Chris

  1. I think this is an exciting alternative to the small-town, local print rags that we have to choose from in North Haven. The potential for grass-roots involvement is wide open in a forum such as this. There is also a lot of potential to use this as a way to draw students (especially at the high school level) into keeping an eye on, and even reporting on their town’s political and news making scene!

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